New Blog!


Hello all, it is I, Lili.

Wow, I haven’t posted on here in forever. Last time I posted something on here, I’m pretty sure I was still in elementary school, now I’m in high school!

I just wanted to say that I’ve got a new blog! It’s going to be different from this one, but it’s still kind of the same.

Anyways, thank you for reading this blog, but it’s time for me to start afresh. I love you all!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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trivia night


hello everyone, I`m so sorry about not blogging in a while I`ve just been so busy lately. So trivia night, on trivia night we go to the pool and stay there for a really long time, during that long period of time a DJ comes and plays music and gives us questions to answer.Sometimes it can be hard.After he asks a question he gives us a few minutes to answer it. there are no phones allowed and last year on trivia night another group of women told the DJ that we were using our phones which was not true at all and we came in last but this year we came in 2nd. Trivia night lasts until 9:00 at night. I usually leave around that time. Well that’s all I know about trivia night. Tune in next time for the forth of July 2015.

Christmas Break


Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I was trying to but my computer wouldn’t let me. So Christmas, Christmas was awesome I loved it. Tell me what you did for Christmas in the comments. On Christmas day I woke up and ran out of my room into my mom`s and dad`s room and said, ” It`s CHRISTMAS!!!!” We woke up Olivia got our American girl dolls and went halfway down stairs to take a picture. Then we ran into the sun room and opened our gifts. I got a bike with gears ( I could peddle with different gears so sometimes even though I was peddling really fast I went really slow), a sewing machine from Olivia,and other stuff. Me and Olivia played with our new stuff and had a blast.

New Years was fun too. On New Years eve me, mom, Olivia my BFFE ( best friend for eternity) Tennison, my babysitter, and my babysitter`s well baby went to Fernbank and had a blast. After that I sold party hats for a big cause. Miles 4 Major, a group that buys hearing aids for kids  who need them. I did that for about two hours. Then I went to Tennison`s house for a party. I got to drink a can of coke for the first time but too late in the day so I stayed up until 2015 (12:00) without getting tired. I went to bed afterwards. I had a great Christmas break. Did you? Tell me what you did on Christmas break in the comments.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Day Of SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday was the first day school and it was AWESOME. When I walked into my classroom and what do I see…I see a bunch of friends. Nothing made me the opposite of happy, except for one and only one thing but who wants to hear bad instead of good? So I won`t tell you. My new pencil box was homemade and ready ( at Home Depote ) and my pencils were sharpened and my pen was clicking and…and. Well you get the idea. When I saw the new kids school I thought wow so many new kids have chosen Garrison Mill to be there new school! I am very proud for my school. My mom forgot her phone so she could take pics so our friends mom said that she would. Usually my mom drives me to school, but not this year. I rode the bus. UhOh. Time to do my homework. Goodbye. Plus I wont be blogging much anymore because of school and homework and other fifth grade stuff. Now goodbye.



Scout was my old dog and I really  miss him. I`ll tell you some great memories we had together. When I was little and went on walks ( I was still in a stroller) with my mom and Scout he would bark at anyone who passed by no matter how far we were from them, that was because he was my guard dog.

He never hurt or scared a cat because before we adopted him he lived with a family that had cats.

When ever I had food and I was sitting in my highchair I would take my food and hang my hand over the side of the highchair and he would eat it and I would cry and cry and then my mom would give me some more food and the cycle would go on and on and on and on and on and… well …you get the idea.

One time when I wasn`t even thought of yet, my mom and dad bought a house or apartment or … or something… Scout was swimming in the lake and my mom and dad didn`t even know! Then the house owner said, ” Does your dog like the water?” My mom and dad said ” No not at all. Why?” and then the home owner said ” Well he`s swimming and he`s way past the dock!” Then my mom and dad turned around and there he was swimming, and that`s how we found out that Scout only liked fresh and salt water and not chlorine.

Another thing that Scout liked to do is lay down on my old play area. When he was done having fun for the day he would just walk over to the living room and lay down on my play area.

On the last day he was ever alive we had a goodbye party. We invited my BFFE ( best friends for eternity) and we all had a time to talk to him. When everyone went ho me they took balloons and a note card and wrote a note to Scout and then sent the balloon up into the sky. My grandpa came wile my mom and dad went to go put him down. I couldn`t stop crying. I was crying all night long.

I still miss Scout to this day and can`t wait to see him in heaven were my grandmother is but that`s another story. Well I don`t want to start crying so I`m going to say goodbye. Goodbye!

The Fourth Of July!


On the not 1st not 2nd not 3rd but the 4th of July we had so much fun!! We played games, we danced, we sang, we eat, and I got to help out the DJ with one of the games!!!!!!!!!! I did get sunburnt but I still had so much fun that I thought that the end of the day was the beginning!

Oh haha I forgot to say that we also had a parade and I got 1st place for best decorated wagon!! I`ll tell you what I put on it. I put my sister`s doll on, my sister`s friend`s doll on, and I put my dolls on. So I have 4 dolls, Olivia (my sister) has 1 doll, and Avery (Olivia`s friend) has I think 2 or more dolls but only let me use 1. I also put a shooting star on the back, 2 of my doll`s pets on, 2 flags, a glow stick flag, a bucket full of mints, a line of flags, and some shredded plastic.

One of the lifeguards called me sunburn and then a lot of people started calling me sunburn just because I had a sunburn! I was so mad that me and some other girls splashed him ( we didn’t get in trouble because he was also a swim team couch) and then we pored a bucked of water on his head! Then a boy younger than me splashed the water on my face and most of it got in my eyes. He got in big trouble with his parents and he did say sorry to me but I didn`t seem like enough. It still really hurt he cold of asked to help, but he didn`t!

At the end of the day my mom and dad said that we couldn`t go to see fireworks then a little while later they changed their minds and took us! We looked and looked and saw some but didn`t make to the place in time! At least we saw some and recorded the Washington DC fireworks!

That`s our 4th of July and tune in next time for Minecraft! Goodbye.

About My Posts


Hello this is Liliana and I just wanted to say that I`m going to say I that I will keep posting but not all the time so there are going to be posts whenever I feel like it or when I`m completely bored and have nothing to do. So don`t get upset if I don`t post every single day!



Today I will talk about Minecraft. So first choose what the name of your world should be like Awesome or just My World. Then you choose what kind of seed you want A sunny and sandy place, a lot of trees, or ice and snow. Once you got that done you need to choose creative or survival. I recommend creative for beginners. If you have the new updated version on PE ( pocket edition ) if you click advanced than you can choose if you want a flat land with nothing but grass ( witch I think is pretty boring), a place that you can keep walking and it never ends, or an old version. Then start your world.

If your on creative build a house in a place that you think will be good to build your house on. Then build your house. 20 by 20 is large, 15 by 15 is medium, 10 by 10 is small, and 7 by 7 is extra small. Once that’s done you can do whatever you want.

If your in survival I think that you should cut down a tree first and make a crafting table and then a wooden sword. Then if your one the new version try to find a village before night. If you can`t dig a hole 4 blocks deep that cut two block above the 4th block than you have a save place to hide until morning.

That’s all the time I have today have fun don`t play to much and goodbye.